, Derry, New Hampshire

July 11, 2013

Derry to offer online vehicle signup option

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — The town is now offering a new way to make sure people get their vehicle registrations sent safely through the mail.

A new E-reg online registration option will give people the opportunity to pay an additional $7.61 for a certified mail delivery of renewal materials.

This is an additional, optional service, according to controller Janice Mosby, coming after some residents complained their vehicle renewals disappeared in the mail.

“The only way we can be sure the registration gets to the customer is to send it by certified mail,” Mosby said. “This will make sure they get their registrations.”

If registrations are lost in the regular mail, customers are required to go to a state office to obtain a duplicate registration and stickers. There’s no cost as long as they go after 30 days of the original renewal.

If the 30-day period is not acceptable, customers would have to pay a fee for a duplicate renewal, $18 for the registration and another $4 for stickers.

By having this added option on the online form, Mosby said customers can be assured their renewal is protected.

“This is for people who want to make sure they get their stickers via certified mail,” she said.

The online form will show the additional box to check off if customers choose this option. The fees attached to the service will be included in the total cost as customers go through the online registration process, Mosby said.