, Derry, New Hampshire

July 6, 2011

It's the end of the road for tavern building

By Julie Huss

DERRY — The end may be in sight for the Pinkerton Tavern.

Public Works Director Michael Fowler said the town is looking for someone to take on the dismantling/salvage of the former restaurant at 13 Manchester Road.

The aging tavern was one of several properties standing in the way of progress as the town prepares to widen that portion of Manchester Road from Tsienneto Road up toward the Londonderry line.

The restaurant officially closed its doors in March.

The Pinkerton Tavern was built in stages between 1735 and 1816, according to town history records. Elder James Pinkerton operated an early store there. In 1814, Pinkerton and his brother John provided funding for Pinkerton Academy.

But many changes, renovations, and fires through the years altered the historical landscape of the building, Fowler said.

Now, the town hopes to find someone to come in, dismantle the building and possibly use some of the more historic materials for other construction projects.

"It will be a more respectful way at this point," Fowler said.

He said the town exhausted the possibility of finding someone to move the entire structure somewhere else.

"There was some interest in that, but we received no formal bids to pick up the building and move if off site," he said.

Once a demolition/salvage effort begins, Fowler said, work would be done very carefully, keeping the building's integrity in mind.

"The town has gone out of its way to be sensitive to the (building's) value," he said, "and worked very hard to find a solution."

Bids will be received by the town through July 8 through the Public Works office at the Municipal Center at 14 Manning St.

Interested parties can arrange a walk-through of the building.

Once a plan is in place to dismantle the building, Fowler said, the project could take about 60 days to complete. The road widening project should stay on track during that time, with work scheduled to begin later this year, he said.

For information, call Public Works at 432-6144.

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