, Derry, New Hampshire

August 29, 2013

Eagle Scout projects are flying high in Derry

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — Local Scouts are flying high and aiming for that eagle.

A project was taking shape at the entrance to West Running Brook Middle School last weekend, part of a local Scout’s mission to earn his Eagle Award, the highest honor given a Boy Scout.

Anthony Tsekrekas, 14, a junior at Pinkerton Academy, planned a new rock wall and flower beds around the sign leading into the school.

Anthony attended West Running Brook and wanted to give back.

“I was trying to think of projects to do,” he said. “I thought of my school. They helped me so much through my years there.”

The idea to do something for the school got great reviews from school principal Leslie Saucier, Anthony said, as he had to get her approval to begin.

“In the end ,we came up with this stone wall idea,” Anthony said.

Anthony has been involved in Scouts since he was a young Tiger Scout. After leaving the organization for a few years, he returned.

“I did it and I loved it even more,” he said.

Eagle projects take a lot of time, planning, money and hard work, Anthony said. He raised money and secured many donations prior to beginning the final phase of the project.

Boy Scouts in Derry Troop 405, one of the area’s oldest, have enjoyed Eagle Scout success for many years with many projects still used by the community, including trails, benches, bridges, special historical projects and town beautification.

Tyler Pascucci is another Troop 405 Scout aiming toward an Eagle. He is working on new trails, a project at the Low conservation property off Hubbard Hill Road, a town-owned property.

Tyler is working this summer on the property’s trail system. He will be creating new trails and marking them so visitors can find their way around the land easier. When all is completed, he hopes he will earn his Eagle award.

He presented his official Eagle Scout plan to Conservation Commission members back in May and is now working at the property to get the job done. He hosted a tour of the property and his project for Conservation Commission members earlier this month.

Tyler is one of several Scouts who chose a conservation area for an Eagle Project.