, Derry, New Hampshire

May 23, 2013

Residents continue fight over Dumpster Depot

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — Residents continue to express their distress over a plan to bring a Dumpster Depot to town.

Last week, the Planning Board continued to hear from those who say bringing this type of business to their neighborhood would lower property values and be an eyesore.

Dozens of abutters and neighbors appeared before of officials to express their displeasure for the plan.

If approved, the plan will bring a 7,200-square-foot, two-story Dumpster Depot to a site off Ashleigh Drive. There would be storage room for up to 350 Dumpsters outside the building.

People living on Greenwich Road, Don Mac Drive and other nearby roads say the business would detract from their homes, and be an unsightly and unwelcome sight. Residents also say there is not enough wooded buffer area to separate the business from their neighborhoods.

Greenwich Road resident Brenda Wilson is one resident hoping not to see hundreds of bright orange Dumpsters from her property.

She said trees already have been cleared and not much vegetation remains between her home and the proposed business site. There would be noise from trucks delivering Dumpsters all day long, possible odors and intrusive lighting, she said.

Wilson and about 100 other concerned residents signed a petition they presented to the Planning Board.

"This will be an eyesore at best," Wilson said. "The natural buffer is already gone and we worked hard to make our home a place to be proud of."

Dumpster Depot officials said the plan is a good one and that buffers are secure.

Project engineer Chris Tamula said it's about 900 feet from the Dumpster location to the nearest abutter.

"It's pretty far away," he said.

That didn't satisfy those who say the neighborhood would be ruined if the business is allowed to come to town.

The Dumpster business would be near the new Wal-Mart, a movie theater, strip malls with several types of businesses, a grocery store and self-storage facility, all allowed uses in that zone.

Tamula said all Dumpsters stored at the site would be empty and cleaning measures would be followed to make sure any hazardous materials wouldn't filter into nearby wetlands or water sources.

Planning Board member John O'Connor lives near the proposed Dumpster site and said he has concerns about the plan.

"Is it best for the town of Derry?" he asked. "I have questions that are not answered and this decision will be difficult."

For Wilson, the decision is an easy one — don't put a Dumpster Depot in her back yard.

"Dumpsters don't clean themselves," she said. "It's disgusting."

The Planning Board will continue its discussion at its meeting June 5.