, Derry, New Hampshire

May 23, 2013

Derry's Beaver Meadow dam gets repairs

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY β€” Work continues on the Beaver Meadow dam after town crews discovered some significant structure damage earlier this month.

Public Works Director Michael Fowler said a 5- to 6-foot-wide hole was discovered at the aging dam. State officials along with engineers and contractors are now working to fix the dam.

Prior to the repairs, Fowler said the restoration plan had to go before state dam officials for approval.

β€œIt’s just some red tape we are trying to navigate at this point,” Fowler said.

The dam dates back to 1929. It is accessed off East Derry Road from Sabra Circle and Martha Drive at the southern end of Beaver Lake.

After initial inspections by town and state officials, Fowler said they found the hole.

Early work included placing sandbags at the dam to control the water flow and lowering the level of nearby Meadow Pond so crews could see potential damage.

Fowler said the area was isolated with sandbags, water was then pumped and the area dried out so damage could be assessed.

Holes like this often appear in older dams, Fowler said.

The dam received significant upgrades in the early 1990s.

Once there is a breech in dam performance, the state is always notified, Fowler said. Inspections take place prior to repairs and then inspections continue once work gets started.