, Derry, New Hampshire


April 18, 2013

Derry's charter school hosts admission lottery

Lottery determines who goes to charter school


Holmes told families about the Hood family in Derry and their contributions to not only the dairy industry, but to buildings and other organizations, including the naming of the Hood school.

Having the Hood name associated with the first charter school was a good match.

“The Hood family believed in innovation,” he said.

As numbers were called out, students cheered and clapped if they got picked.

“This shows how much interest there is in this school,” one man called out.

David Michael Parks, 14, sat next to a close friend who already got his number called. When David’s number made the cut, he cheered.

“He’s ecstatic,” David’s grandmother Lorraine Peterson said. “He said he won’t sleep for a week.”

Krieger thanked everyone for taking an interest in the Next school.

“All of you have taken a tremendous show of courage,” he said. “All of you need to be commended for taking that leap of faith.”

Information on the Next Charter School and the students chosen to attend is on the school’s website at

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