, Derry, New Hampshire


September 27, 2012

Derry signs on with state 911 mapping program

DERRY — Officials signed on to have a state 911 emergency mapping program come to town.

Town councilors approved the measure at a meeting Sept. 18, saying that bringing the state’s Bureau of Emergency Communications’ 911 mapping system to town would be a big help.

Derry is one of only a handful of communities that hadn’t opted for the free state service.

The mapping will put representatives out into neighborhoods to make detailed maps of the areas, including homes, hydrants, businesses and landmarks.

Information is then presented to the town with any recommendations from the state that might enhance emergency response time.

By mapping the town, emergency officials can pinpoint areas that may pose potential delays in response time.

Town Administrator John Anderson said once the mapping is done, all 911 calls will be projected onto the dispatchers’ consoles immediately, something that doesn’t happen now.

The process could take up to two years to finish.

Officials stressed that by signing on to the mapping program, no changes will be made to any addresses or locations.

It’s for information gathering only, although councilors may visit the road name issue in the future as the town has many roads with similar and almost identical names.

“It’s a great thing to move forward on,” Councilor Neil Wetherbee said. “I think all of us were surprised that we hadn’t gotten to this point in time.”

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