, Derry, New Hampshire


September 27, 2012

Town puts its surplus on the auction block

DERRY — Susan Amara got a steal — two good quality bicycles for only $24.

The Nashua woman bid on the bikes during last weekend’s town surplus auction where Derry’s leftovers become treasures for those seeking a bargain.

Every year, the town puts its extras on the auction block — items collected and unclaimed at the police department, extra office furniture from other town departments — all available and often at bargain prices.

In Amara’s case, the bikes were a steal and would be great for her daughter in college.

“I heard they always have a good selection,” she said.

Highway Department superintendent of Operations Alan Cote did auctioneering duties, selling off jewelry, artwork, trucks, trailers, lamps, radar detectors — just about anything a town office wanted to get rid of.

“This was once at $200 tool, I looked it up this morning,” Cote shouted as he held up one of the many gadgets up for bid.

A pair of garden gnomes went for $11. Another woman bought a slew of bike helmets for a small bill.

An autographed Ken Griffey Jr. print brought $65.

Merle Zusman works at Derry Public Library and said the library donated a lot of unused shelving, printers and cabinets to the auction this year.

“We have very little space, so it’s nice to have a venue to get rid of our excess,” she said. “I might also pick up something for myself.”

Officials said the auction was a bit smaller than in previous years, with fewer bikes up for bid.

Still, the event could mean up to $5,000 for the town’s bank account.

Ralph Zusman shared his wife’s sentiment on the auction, saying it was fun to attend and see what items were available.

“It’s fun to see what people spend for things,” he said.

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