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September 27, 2012

Derry to flush water systems

DERRY — The town will begin flushing out its water lines Sunday throughout its municipal water distribution system.

The work begins Sunday and ends Oct. 12. It will be done between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Additional flushing hours are set for Oct. 14 through 26 for areas at Montgomery Farm off Overlook Drive including Fordway Extension, Beacon Hill Road and Settlers Lane, and the Scobie Pond area up to and including By-Pass 28, Daniel, Debbie, Datillo, Eastgate Roads, Olde Country Estates and Linlew Drive.

The core system flushing is being conducted during later evening hours to minimize any inconvenience to customers.

The work is done to remove any sediment from the water lines that may accumulate. It is conducted every year.

The flushing usually progresses from the Derry/Londonderry line along Route 28 south and east across town.

Heavy commercial users will be notified by the town prior to work being done in their areas.

Any residential customers with special needs such as in-house dialysis equipment should contact the Public Works office to make locations known.

The work may result in intermittent periods of brown or rusty water. This is not a health concern, but officials say the water’s taste may be temporarily affected and staining could occur with laundry.

While every effort is made to flush the lines until they run clean, some residue could remain in service lines. Customers should run their lines for several minutes before doing laundry.

Any questions can be directed to Public Works at 432-6144.

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