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June 5, 2014

Transfer station back on track

Size and budget adjustments made

DERRY — The town's new transfer station is back on track.

After some adjustments to the project's details, town officials are looking for the company to do the job.

The price tag for the new facility off Fordway is approximately $3 million.

There have been some delays getting the project started, according to Public Works Director Michael Fowler.

In January, he told town councilors that details on the plan were still being worked out to keep the price at the amount the town approved.

The project proved costlier than expected, Fowler said, leading to delays and modifications.

"It was back to the drawing board," he said.

Fowler said he is optimistic the facility will be good for the town and future recycling.

The town will utilize a one-team, Design-Build process to choose a company to do the work. The company will use preliminary design information to create a more detailed plan to keep within the budget.

This is different than doing the project in a more traditional way of putting work out to bid and gets the project on a fast track for completion, Fowler said.

Derry used this approach when building its new police station.

"It also guarantees a maximum price for the project," he said. "We didn't want to see the building scaled down to the point where it would not be what we want."

The building must be between 18,000 and 22,000 square feet, with areas for more recycling, separation of certain items, better traffic flow and more parking.

The town has had success with recycling, Fowler said, even with the aging transfer station, which dates back to 1980.

The town boasts a 38 percent recycling rate, compared to the state average of about 21 to 24 percent. The town was one of the first to adopt mandatory recycling. It's time for a new facility, Fowler said.

"We are undersized," he said. "No matter what , we have to face it. We just need a new facility."

The target date for awarding the contract is August, with project completion set for October 2015.

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