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June 5, 2014


Quackers or a Whopper?

Londonderry police were called to the area of Burger King on Nashua Road twice in the same night last week, both times for alleged some fowl play.

The first call was just before 8 p.m. Friday. A woman reported ducks were in the storm drain there. An officer responded and checked the drain, but didn’t see any birds.

A couple of hours later, a second call came in from the same location.

“Caller reporting duck and ducklings trying to cross the road and people keep stopping for them,” the log read.

The same officer responded and reported “no issues.”

Charting the course

Town Council Chairman Mark Osborne said he knows some residents think councilors aren’t informed when it comes to Rockingham Road construction and the town’s Master Plan.

During a joint meeting with the Planning Board, Osborne said the group, indeed, is in the know.

“There are a few that might think if we ask questions that we somehow are not doing our jobs,” Osborne said.

He said the group is familiar with the issues and asking questions is part of the process.

“Simply because you chart a course from Point A to Point B doesn’t mean you don’t look at the map every once in a while to make sure you are still on course,” he said.

Neighborhood swap

There may be some gremlins in the Winterwood Drive neighborhood.

Londonderry police were called to the area Saturday morning for an unusual complaint.

The caller reported a chair and bird feeder missing from her yard. But the possible pranksters didn’t leave her yard empty — a potted plant from another yard was moved in.

Police, too, made a slightly unusual report: “No criminal mischief, just relocation of items throughout the neighborhood.”

Art in action

Was it a big art fan driving a SUV around Derry recently or just someone with a clever play on words to describe their wheels of choice?

A license plate on the SUV read “VAN-GO.”

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