, Derry, New Hampshire


May 1, 2014

Anonymous donation supports Derry police

DERRY — Police will be able to upgrade speed enforcement efforts, thanks to an anonymous gift.

The department will use a $3,500 gift to purchase an up-to-date speed monitoring sign system.

Police Chief Edward Garone said the donor came forward and asked to support the department’s speed enforcement work, but wanted to remain anonymous.

The intent of the gift is to buy a portable speed sign that will be used throughout the community to keep speeding vehicles in check.

“This was a very gracious gift,” Garone said.

The specific type of sign to be purchased can be calibrated up to a certain speed, Garone added.

That keeps young drivers from trying to see just how high they can make the numbers go when driving by. Garone said that is sometimes the case with younger drivers.

“This has been a concern that some drivers would like to see how high they can make it go,” he said.

The sign system will also serve a valuable purpose to the town as has a potential to be used when evidence is gathered, Garone said, and will be equivalent to a hand held or stationary speed/radar system currently used in cruisers.

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