, Derry, New Hampshire

April 25, 2013

Derry sign ordinance almost to the end of road

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — There are a few more bumps to smooth before the town’s sign ordinance gets to the end of the road.

Officials are close to making the town’s regulations a bit clearer, spelling out more definitively what is allowed and what isn’t.

During a public hearing April 16 during the Town Council meeting, officials decided that a few more things needed revision before final approval.

The sign ordinance heads back to the Planning Board.

For several months, the topic of upgrading the town’s sign rules has come before town officials hoping to make some amendments to the rules for installing signs around the community. Those discussions include what sizes and types of signs will be allowed.

The town began revisiting its sign rules after a subcommittee put in place under the Planning Board slowed its pace on the project.

Seven workshops and several public hearings later, signs are pointing to the end.

Revisions include language upgrades and clearer definitions for different types of signs in various zones in town.

Having an updated ordinance in place would make the rules clearer about what’s allowed when developers come forward with projects, officials said.

“Laws have not been revised for many years,” code enforcement officer Bob Mackey said. “This will make it easier for the public, for businesses to understand.”

Discussions also included sign experts giving input, along with residents saying what they would like to see and what should be restricted when signs are installed near their homes.

Changes include some language and definition upgrades, and other details on restrictions for electronic and marquis-type signs. With technology changing so often, more definitions to cover those types of signs was important, Mackey said.

“Overall, I think the ordinance was made more business friendly,” he said.

Town Administrator John Anderson said the updated sign regulations will also be easier for people to find within the town’s overall rule book.