, Derry, New Hampshire

November 7, 2013

Pinkerton men in a hairy situation

Pinkerton men grow awareness, funds for cancer research

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — Pinkerton teacher Doug Cullen has had his for more than 30 years. It was hard to see an old friend go.

Cullen, Pinkerton’s Career and Technical Education career coordinator, was one of four well-known campus staff members surrendering their signature facial hair for a good cause.

“I’ve had this mustache since 1979, my last year of high school,” Cullen said.

Pinkerton’s male faculty and staff are taking part in the worldwide movement in November known as “Movember,” when men grow mustaches all month long to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues.

The movement has been in existence about 10 years. This is Pinkerton’s first foray into Movember. The Pinkerton team is known as the “Stashtros.”

To start Pinkerton’s first-year effort with Movember, all men had to be free of facial hair.

The men will then spend the month of November growing back their mustaches as part of an effort to raise money for men’s health causes like prostrate and testicular cancer awareness.

Cullen, along with Dean of Students Glenn Ahrens, freshmen Associate Dean of Students Bill Lonergan and CTE teacher Dave Benedetto, spent one morning last week allowing cosmetology students to work their magic to trim off their well-established mustaches to get them ready for the month ahead.

John Vaccarezza, Associate Dean of Students for Seniors, led the charge to get Pinkerton men on board and is the Stashtros team captain.

“It raises money for a good cause,” Vaccarezza said.

Men will be able to raise money in different ways, he said, either with onetime donations or through larger efforts to collect donations.

With many charities already established for women’s health issues, Movember seeks to put the emphasis on what men go through as well.

Ahrens was a bit concerned that his godchild might be a spooked seeing him without his mustache.

“He loves to yank on it,” Ahrens said.

Students were given some last-minute training advice on the proper way to remove a mustache, part of their cosmetology training.

Cosmetology instructor Keryl Rabideau gave a quick lesson with the clippers as Cullen sat in the chair.

Lonergan has mostly had his signature lip hair for 22 years and has only shaved it a couple of times during that time.

“The first time my kids ever saw me without a mustache, they freaked out a bit,” he said.

For most of the participants, it will only take a few weeks get that mustache growth back on track.

“How does it feel to be shaving the Dean of Students?” Headmaster Mary Anderson asked one student hairstylist.

Junior Sadie Cowan had the pleasure of taking care of Lonergan’s mustache.

“It’s so close to your nose,” she told the administrator.

More than 50 Pinkerton staff members will join Movember. Female staff members will offer support with donations and moral support.

Last year alone, more than $147 million was raised worldwide through Movember efforts around the globe. To learn more about Mobember, visit