, Derry, New Hampshire


October 31, 2013

It all went on the block

DERRY — The annual town surplus auction drew big crowds Saturday at the police station, with people stopping by to find some bargains.

This year’s list was once again long and included anything from leftover Public Works vehicles to lawnmowers, radios, video games and backpacks.

Binoculars were going for only $1, along with many electronics, furniture, artwork and even women’s makeup, never used.

Items are donated by town departments prior to the annual auction. Other items are unclaimed bikes found and left at the police department, or even things that are left in vehicles, or collected through police work and other circumstances.

Town superintendent of operations Alan Cote served as auctioneer.

Bidding was fast and furious.

Backpacks and purses went for $1.

“Hey, there’s a wallet in this one,” Cote called out, holding up a bright pink purse. “It could be thousands.”

Kristina Zins of Derry ended up paying only a few dollars for that purse.

She said coming to auction was fun. She had her eye on several other items before the morning ended.

“This is my first year here,” she said. “They have anything and everything.”

She said she hoped to bid on some electronics for her son once they hit the auction block.

Larger items sold first include Public Works vehicles and several lawnmowers.

The annual auction can raise thousands of dollars for the town, police said.

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