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August 15, 2013


Feelin’ the love?

We still need more help compiling the list of 603 Reasons why New Hampshire is such a special place.

Think history, politics, famous sons and daughters, natural beauty, financial benefits and more.

When we have the list complete, we’ll publish it and report on it for the next year.

Send your reasons to, tweet them to @ETNHEditor, mail them to 46 W. Broadway, Derry, 03038, or post them on

Slip, slidin’ Slurpee

The 7-Eleven store on Nashua Road in Londonderry got into a sticky situation on Aug. 6.

Londonderry police reported a customer became angry inside the store and tossed his newly purchased Slurpee onto the floor to show his disgust with a store worker.

Fan fever

New Hampshire drivers like to wear their hearts on their license plates.

Some use their plates to show their team support.

A red Jeep seen on Interstate 93 carried this tag: “GRONK83.” They must be miserable these days.

New England Patriots’ tight-end Rob Gronkowski is still recovering from surgery. And Wes Welker, who used to wear Patriots’ Number 83, is playing for the Broncos.

Parental controls

When fire officials came before Derry town councilors to talk emergency training classes, one councilor needed a bit more information.

“Who’s teaching the classes?” Town Councilor Phyllis Katsakiores asked fire Chief George Klauber.

“You might know him ...Chuck Hemeon,” Klauber responded.

Katsakiores is Hemeon’s mother.

Hair today ...

A sign at Water’s Edge salon in Derry noted a need for some facial remarks lately.

“I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it 4 later,” the sign read.

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