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December 27, 2012

Derry's top stories for 2012


A local scenic spot became a bit of a battleground between town officials and residents hoping to preserve history.

The plight of Adams Pond and its nearby dam was on more than one agenda this year, giving residents a chance to speak out both for and against a plan for the town to somehow save the privately owned dam from destruction.

The dam is owned by developer Jean Gagnon. He was cited by the state for his failing structure. Gagnon plans to build a subdivision near the dam along Adams Pond. He received town approvals for his development.

For the past year, officials listened to people on both sides of the dam issue. Some wanted to save the dam; others said the town shouldn’t spend money to help bail Gagnon out of his dam dilemma with the state.

Many residents worried about the state of the waters if the dam were to be removed. Gagnon offered the town a way to take over the dam’s ownership, but councilors said no.

The dam and pond remained on many residents radar through the end of the year, with continued efforts in place to somehow save the pond and its future.

Resident Ellie Sarcione spearheaded many citizen efforts to try to save the dam and pond. People were even willing to donate money to somehow help preserve the 300-year-old dam site and waters.

“This is a diamond — save it,” Sarcione said.

Route 28 project

winds down

The lanes are painted and the traffic is flowing.

That, according to town officials, is the best case scenario as the Route 28/Manchester Road widening plan finished up this year.

For many months, crews worked to widen portions of Manchester Road up past the Tsienneto Road intersection heading near the Londonderry town line.

With a new Walmart opening this year, the plan was to expand the roadway to help with traffic and better ways to navigate that busy corridor in town.

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