, Derry, New Hampshire

September 13, 2012


Derry News

---- — Al’s back!

A sign at a local Derry car wash gave a warm welcome to local weather icon Al Kaprielian.

Kaprielian is back on the air at WBIN studios, formerly WNDS and “MY TV” in Derry, giving his unique brand of weather report. Kaprielian left WNDS in 2009 after 26 years, but remained a regional cult figure when it came to his high-pitched forecasts.

The sign said it all: “Welcome Back Al!”

Lost and found

On two separate occasions, samaritans throughout Londonderry have been returning lost items.

One resident brought a wallet he had found into the police station; another resident found a wallet at a liquor store and handed it over to police.

A manger at Hannaford’s located on Hampton Drive found a pistol permit in his store. That, too, was returned.

You buy it, you break it

Some people have no luck with flea markets.

One shopper bought an item from a table, the item broke shortly after the customer walked away.

The shopper then returned to the table, demanding more money than he paid for it.

In the end, the flea market owner showed the shopper the door.

Pork or fed up?

A New Hampshire sedan traveling on Interstate 495 south of the state line sported this vanity license plate: HOGWASH.

Do you suppose the owner deals in pork belly futures or has simply had enough?

West Side story

A former school on the West Side of Derry is celebrating 40 years of a new life serving the community.

The Marion Gerrish Community Center turns 40 this year and opened its doors this week to town officials and other visitors so everyone could see what the center does.

A typical week includes hosting dozens of organizations and groups and operating a thriving thrift shop that helps support the center’s upkeep.