, Derry, New Hampshire

October 3, 2013

Derry gardeners earn honors at flower show

Derry News

---- — DERRY — Local gardening experts earned high honors for their talents in floral design and garden creativity.

The Derry Garden Club hosted its flower show on Sept. 7 with more than 200 people attending the event at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry.

The show theme was “Children, Seeds of the Future,” paying tribute to the joint garden effort between gardeners and the youngsters who attend the Boys and Girls Club.

Show exhibits included six flower design classes and 192 horticultural entries, including container gardens and fairy houses made by local youth along with educational exhibits.

Special design awards went to Michelle Mensinger for Design Excellence and Designer’s Choice, and also to Susan Davis for Table Artistry and Ladybug Design.

Sylvia Roberts took two blue ribbons for her design categories. Other blue ribbons went to Pat Hume and Pat Mulone.

In the horticulture class, there were 78 blue ribbons given out to members of the club and another 23 to nonmembers.

Top Exhibitor Horticulture Awards went to the following: Arlene Tsetsilas for Award of Horticulture Excellence and Award of Merit; Jean Roalsvig for Grower’s Showcase Award; and Awards of Merit to Ana Maria Oriol and Corinne Safron.

Special Exhibitor Awards went to Blanche Garone; Terri Schoppmeyer earned a National Garden Club Award of Appreciation.

Youth Educational Awards went to Ashley Elkins, Skylar Godfrey and Alexa Jusczak; all 10 youth horticulture exhibits received blue ribbons.

The Youth Artistic Craft blue ribbons were given for fairy houses created by local youth in teams of two and categorized by age.

The three winning teams were Sophie Martinase and Jasmyal Weber; Tatianna Cangimilla and William King; and Olivia Perault and Jacob Parrino.

The Children’s Garden at the Boys and Girls Club won a special national award. Derry club member Mary Lea Daily earned another national special award in recognition of individual effort or contribution to the success of the show.

Because the local club earned so many points, it can now apply for a National Garden Club Flower Show Award.