, Derry, New Hampshire

September 19, 2013

Dumpster Depot opponents still hope to halt plan

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — Dozens of residents are still hoping to put a stop to the Dumpster Depot facility planned for Ashleigh Drive.

The Planning Board gave the project a conditional approval on Aug. 21, but those living nearby the proposed 7,200-square-foot facility still say things don't smell right when it comes to having Dumpsters in their backyards.

Abutters planned to have appeals to the decision filed by the end of last week in hopes of having the plan reheard.

Dumpster opponents met at the Marion Gerrish Community Center last week to discuss their plans.

Many signed a petition to show their unified support against Dumpster Depot.

Brenda Wilson lives on Greenwich Road and has been outspoken about the plan since the beginning.

Another direct abutter, John O'Connor, is also a member of the Planning Board, but stepped down from the Dumpster discussion. He is also working on the appeal process.

Wilson and others were planning to speak during the public forum portion of the Town Council meeting Tuesday night.

Even with a long list of conditions in place as part of the approval, Al Dimmock was one of two Planning Board members voting against the approval. He said the location is all wrong and too many neighbors live nearby.

Dimmock is also a town councilor. He said Dumpster Depot should not be located near residential neighborhoods.

"(We're supposed) to be there for the good of the town of Derry," he said. "You show me where putting it there is good for the town of Derry."

Dumpster Depot has been on the planning table for many months.

Conditions attached to the plan’s approval, including updated landscaping, revised hours of operation, only empty Dumpsters allowed on the site with the exception of a 24-hour stay during weekdays and a 36-hour stay on weekend if needed. Also, there will be no washing of the Dumpsters and no fueling done at the property.

Any Dumpster left at the facility would have to be covered and remain in the truck under a canopy, according to the board's lists of conditions.

As many as 350 Dumpsters could be stored at the facility.

Wilson has become the unofficial spokesman for neighbors hoping to stop the plan. She said there were many things done at the Planning Board level that warrant a rehearing of the Dumpster Depot plan.

"What happened was wrong," she said.