, Derry, New Hampshire


November 8, 2012

Derry voters turn out in droves

Turnout nudges 90 percent


Milz said he didn’t think standing at the polls swayed anyone’s vote once they arrived.

“I firmly believe that signs don’t change anything,” he said. “It’s all about people and finally putting a face to your name.”

Poll volunteers said lines moved smoothly even with the new Voter ID Law in effect.

Many people had IDs in hand when lining up for a ballot.

“No one is being denied the vote,” Webb said. “It’s a little inconvenience but that’s its.”

Dorothy Butler forgot her ID when she arrived to vote but was happy to run back out to her car to get it.

“I think it’s the best idea on the planet,” Butler said of the new law. “I would have walked home to get it and it’s a good idea to protect everybody.”

Chet Ham voted at Hood and said showing his ID was a good thing.

“I think it’s fine, no problem,” Ham said.

Newly elected Burtis had a different view.

“Overall, I think it’s OK, but when you think about who it hurts, it’s sort of a biased view,” she said. “Voting is not just a responsibility, it’s also a right.”

David Nelson said he had hope for what lies ahead, especially for the state and nation.

“I just hope whoever wins will be mindful of a divided electorate if the outcome is close, and govern appropriately,” Nelson said. “There is no mandate to be found in a narrow victory. Let’s try to find common ground.”

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