, Derry, New Hampshire

October 11, 2012

Derry library to get computer lab upgrades

New laptops will help keep library lab current, mobile

By Julie Huss
Derry News

---- — DERRY — The Derry Public Library’s computer lab is getting a boost.

The library will enter into a lease-to-buy agreement to acquire 10 new laptops instead of buying a few at a time every year.

Money for the laptops is in the fiscal year 2013 budget.

The Town Council approved buying all the through a lease program.

Elizabeth Ives, chairwoman of the library’s board of directors, said the leasing plan will be cost effective and allow the library to bring the library up to date.

“The present computer lab is about 5 years old,” she said.

Laptops will give users more options.

“They can be used anywhere in the library,” Ives said. “They could be used in the New Hampshire Room for geneaology searches, for book discussions, Internet safety, Skype for author visits.”

The library’s old computers can only be used on the main floor.

The laptops will help fulfill many of the library’s long-range objectives and goals, Ives said.

The IT Department’s Doug Rathburn said the lease program will keep equipment updated and current.

Hardware maintenance will be done on the laptops every three years.