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October 17, 2013

Pinkerton mulls strict dress code

Idea isn't popular with many kids or parents


But Michael’s twin sister, Sara, could see where the administration was coming from.

“It’s a semi-private school and it’s stereotypical for them to have uniforms,” she said. “A lot of students have been getting in trouble for what they wear, so I get it.”

Anderson said there are plenty of opportunities for students to show their individuality — after school.

“On the weekends, they can express themselves however they want,” she said.

Anderson said research done in educational journals has shown there are other benefits to a dress code.

“When you eliminate competition when it comes to clothing, then bullying and harassment are eliminated as well,” she said. “It also helps with safety and security because you can tell who doesn’t belong.”

Doherty disagreed with Anderson’s last point.

“Those clothes are pretty easy to find,” she said. “Someone could easily know Pinkerton’s dress code and still be able to blend in.”

Anderson said many more details to be ironed out and school trustees will have the final say. Anderson hopes to have a final plan by the end of the school year, her final one at the school.

“It’s something that’s still in the very beginning of the process,” she said. “We want to put a lot of work into this, to make sure we get this right.”

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