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October 17, 2013

Pinkerton mulls strict dress code

Idea isn't popular with many kids or parents


Anderson said cost would be a major factor when making the ultimate decision on the vendor.

“This is going to be a very thoughtful process before we end up making the final decision,” she said. “The reason we started with Lands’ End is that they’ve been good to deal with and they guarantee to last a lifetime.”

Noetzel, whose daughter Casey is a senior at Pinkerton, said she estimated that it would cost $650 to buy a wardrobe to last her daughter through the entire school year.

“These pants are $30 to $50, the shirts are between $30 and $40,” Noetzel said. “I generally like to bargain shop and this isn’t what this is at all.”

Noetzel didn't like what she saw modeled at the parents' meeting last month.

“They were not flattering at all,” she said. “If you have a flaw, which I’m sure many teenagers do, you’re going to look awful and I worry what they will do to a child’s self esteem.

But not every parent is against the dress code.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Donna Spurrell said. “I think it puts everyone on an even playing field. They don’t have to wear the 'in' clothing or have to worry about style. This is a semi-private school, not a fashion show.”

Spurrell did say she hoped there were more options than Lands’ End.

“Lands’ End is a little pricey, but it lasts,” she said. “I hope they also can give us one more vendor.”

T debate has caused a family divide in Spurrell’s home. Her son, Michael Agresti, is vehemently against the idea of uniforms, or a "unified dress code."

“I think it takes away a person’s right of self expression,” said the 14-year-old freshman. “It’s too bland and outdated.”

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