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October 10, 2013

Energy group continues quest for savings

DERRY — One group in town continues a quest to help taxpayers save money on energy costs.

The Energy/Environmental Advisory Committee is going strong. Members hope the town will give them more opportunities to get involved in construction projects and other advisory jobs.

Maureen Reno, the committee’s chairman, told town councilors last week she wants to continue a relationship that includes giving the energy group more chances to be involved in building projects, town vehicle purchases, and other community outreach to help save energy costs.

“The committee’s mission is to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency while also exploring ways to reduce carbon emissions among the town’s residents, businesses and its municipal affairs,” Reno said.

Reno said the group is very well educated, made up of many different people with different talents in energy concepts and practices.

The energy group formed in 2009 and began its quest to work with the town to make changes and help save tax dollars, all in accordance with the town’s Clean Energy and Environmental Initiative.

That ordinance, adopted by the town in 2008, requires Derry to “give preference to alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle,” something Reno said her group supported.

The ordinance also states that new construction in town and all major renovations to existing structures, inside or out, must meet basic LEED certification standards.

Some projects in town have already followed those rules.

The town approved measures to put cost-saving measures into place at tiny Taylor library, including replacing storm windows, sealing leaks, insulation work and adding energy-efficient light bulbs — simple changes that keep the building cooler in summer and warmer during the winter.

Another historic building in town, Veterans Hall, also got major upgrades. The town used Energy Efficiency Community Block grant funding to give the 85-year-old building a major face-lift.

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