, Derry, New Hampshire

November 21, 2013

Pinkerton cheer team is Number 1

Pinkerton cheer team wins state title

Derry News

---- — DERRY — The Pinkerton Academy Varsity Cheer team recently won the Division I state title.

It’s the team’s eighth consecutive title and marks its fourth year of being undefeated at the state level. It’s the team’s 17th title as a program.

The four previous years, it was a co-ed team, so this was the first year returning to an all-girl squad.

The team is led by longtime coach Michelle McCarty, and assistant coaches Carol Quarles and Gina Mullane.

“They hit an incredibly skill-filled routine and gave a heart-pounding performance. The volume in the gym was intense and increased as the routine went along,” McCarty said. “The goal all season was to prove that these incredible girls could stand on their own and make their mark once again as an all-girl team.”

For the seniors, this marks seven championships in a row, she said.

“This freshman class is one of the most talented ever assembled on our mat,” McCarty said. “The seniors and the juniors bring the polish, experience, performance and stomachs of steel required to win championships to the mix. The younger members of the team bring a skill set that has yet to be challenged in all my years as head coach at Pinkerton.”

Team members include senior captains Taryn Mullane, Chelsea Bousquet, Ariana Moran, Kiana Cormier; seniors Megan Chaganis, Sara Cooley, Stephanie Longo, Kelsey O’Connor, Selena Pierce; juniors Nicole Hillard, Nicole Saitta, Elisabeth Cox; sophomores Valerie Quigley, Emily Dellisola, Allie Kirker, Maddy Garnick, Katiya Troutman; freshmen Cameron Laroche, Camryn Teresky, Kendra Hicks, Erica Barreiro, Jillian Parnigoni, Hannah Rogers, Alyssa Daigle.