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March 20, 2014

Hooksett voters shoot down PInkerton plan

DERRY — It might be back to the drawing board for any potential plan to bring more Hooksett students to town.

Hooksett voters gave a resounding “no” last week to a proposed 10-year contract with Pinkerton Academy.

Residents voted, 1,026-792, not to make Pinkerton their contracted high school of choice for the majority of its high school students.

There are already Hooksett students in the pipeline to attend school in Derry next year, but what happens after that is unclear.

“Pinkerton is prepared to work with the Hooksett School Board as it considers the town’s high school relationships,” Pinkerton headmaster Mary Anderson said.

Right now, Hooksett is in the final year of a contract with the Manchester School District

A one-year agreement is already in place between Pinkerton and Hooksett, that will send roughly 110 students to the Derry campus next year.

Anderson voiced support for the hard work already put in by Hooksett officials and said there is a lot of discussion ahead about which way to go.

“We look forward to helping Hooksett however we can,” she said.

Pinkerton officially contracts with four other towns — Derry, Hampstead, Chester, and Auburn.

If voters had approved the article last week in Hooksett, more of that town’s high school students would have come to Derry as part of a longer contract.

Adding Hooksett students would fill gaps created by slipping enrollment numbers. Pinkerton projects 3,030 students for next year.

Pinkerton had put out the welcome mat for Hooksett in the past several months, offering numerous tours, information nights and special events to get information out to families about what Pinkerton offers.

Anderson said Pinkerton continues to look forward to having the already enrolled Hooksett students come to Derry next year.

“We’ll get off to a flying start in the fall,” she said.

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