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March 20, 2014

UNH professor will pen song for Pinkerton

Pinkerton commissions anniversary work


Putting four simple stanzas of a Frost poem can go in may directions, he added. As a composer, he wants to create a certain style of music that listeners can appreciate.

There will be hints of his own musical interests and styles within the piece. He has sketched out the piece, but hasn’t decided on his ending just yet.

Boysen said there is nothing more American than Frost’s words and he hopes he does the poet justice.

“I think it fits with the text,” he said of his music. “It will sort of have an Americana-ish flare to it. Hopefully, it’s a good marriage between the two.”

Pinkerton Academy will host many special events this year to honor the 200th anniversary. Information is available at

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