, Derry, New Hampshire


March 13, 2014

Derry property owners save $105 in due taxes

DERRY — Property owners in town are getting a small break on their tax bills.

The Town Council voted to write off $105.10 in taxes due from 61 property owners who owe less than $5 each on their final tax bills.

This is something the town does every year, according to chief financial officer Frank Childs.

As of Jan. 23, Childs said a list of properties had a balance of less than $5 on their bill.

The balances are due to either an under- or overpayment by the taxpayer.

The final payments did not include the full amount of interest accrued on the accounts that resulted in a small balance due.

Trying to collect a total of $105.10 from 61 taxpayers would not be cost effective to the town, Childs said.

“That seems exorbitant,” he said.

Councilors approved the measure to waive these final costs for the specific taxpayers who owe so little.

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