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January 9, 2014

Residents: Derry didn't do a good job on roads

Many residents say Derry did a sub-par job maintaining roads


“We try to address things the best we can,” he said, “and we want to try and meet residents’ high expectations and, for the most part, we do. We fought the storm and we stayed with it.”

Several town councilors reported complaints from residents were few and far between.

“Out of 34,000 residents, I heard only one complaint from a Derry resident,” Town Councilor Mark Osborne said. “For me, the roads were quite navigable.”

Stacy Williams echoed the sentiments of many others with this post Monday.

“I understand back roads being a bit treacherous, but when you’re on a main road and can immediately tell when you’ve crossed town lines based solely on the road conditions, there’s a problem,” she wrote.

Town Councilor Tom Cardon said he had also not heard any major complaints about the road conditions in town.

Town Councilor Phyllis Katsakiores said she did hear feedback from a few residents, who wished more had been done to keep the slush level down.

“Some said it would have been nice if they came around a second time to clean up all the slush,” she said. “But we do the best we can.”

As of Monday, Town Councilor Neil Wetherbee said he had heard from only one unhappy constituent.

He said it’s often a delicate balancing act for Public Works at this time of year when they have to work within a budget while taking into consideration how much of the winter remains.

“The fact that we’re barely out of December and have had a rough go of it in terms of storms so far is cause for concern,” he said, “given that we can get snow into April around here.”

The most recent storm was quite challenging, Wetherbee said, in terms of length and temperature.

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