, Derry, New Hampshire


January 9, 2014

Residents: Derry didn't do a good job on roads

Many residents say Derry did a sub-par job maintaining roads


This comment by Holly Bourque Monday was typical of people’s complaints.

“The roads in Derry were terrible. My road was not even plowed and the main roads were plowed carelessly,” she wrote. “I drove into Londonderry and the roads were clear to the pavement, so obviously it can be done.”

Public Works director Michael Fowler said he was aware people had concerns, but said the town did all it could to keep ahead of the storm and treat the roads.

The drastic temperatures did not help, he said, keeping ice packs forming on roads intact.

“The warmer storms, the salt is effective, (not with) colder storms,” Fowler said. “That’s a key point for residents to be aware of.”

Fowler said his crews worked long and hard to keep up with the snowfall. Some sand was spread over portions of Derry’s 165 miles of roads.

Fowler said there are different standards for different roads and how towns choose to care for them. Every storm is also unique.

“Every storm has its own factors,” he said. “That’s the nature of this chemistry.”

Fowler said he appreciated residents’ concerns about why more sand isn’t spread on Derry’s roads, but said decisions were made on how to properly care for the roads and his crews did the best they could.

Trista Kort wrote on Facebook that she contacted Fowler via email to voice concerns and was told Derry’s roadwork was up to par with surrounding communities.

But many roads were still covered in compacted snow into Saturday, Kort said. Town officials told her sanding and salting had been done.

“Which is not true in the Warner Hill Road area,” Kort said.

Fowler said he understood residents’ concerns, but wanted people to understand everything that goes into tackling a major snowstorm.

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