, Derry, New Hampshire

January 9, 2014

Another 'paper street' comes before Town Council

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — Town councilors will wait for more citizen input before deciding what to do about another “paper street” in town.

Schurman Road residents David and Rebecca Zbieg submitted a request to have a portion of that road released from public servitude in order to build a garage.

That means the land would be released from public use. The property was dedicated back in 1964 as part of Colonial Estates, but was never developed.

The land falls between 17 and 15 Schurmann Drive

If approved, abutters would each have the rights to the center of the former right-of-way, measuring 210 by 42 feet, and would then have to prepare their own survey work and deed showing new property boundaries.

Abutters would also pay all legal costs.

“The abutters are all in agreement,” town highway supervisor Alan Cote told councilors at a meeting Dec. 17.

But councilors had nothing in writing from the other direct abutters, Jonathan and Melissa Turcotte, who were not present at the meeting. Councilors wanted to hear more from them before making a final decision.

“I’m not sure the Turcottes are in favor of this,” Town Councilor Tom Cardon said. “We need something in writing before we say it’s OK.”

Town Councilor Mark Osborne agreed and said it best to wait until they had a written response from the Turcottes.

“I’d rather be cautious,” he said.