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January 2, 2014

Zoning Board says no to Dumpster rehearing

DERRY — Dumpster Depot supporters now face another setback in their plan to move to Derry.

On Dec. 19, the Zoning Board voted, 5-0, to deny an appeal by Dumpster Depot proponents to rehear the proposal that has caused a stir among residents and abutters to the potential business at 41 Ashleigh Drive.

After the board voted unanimously on Nov. 7 to grant an appeal brought forward by Derry Rep. John O’Connor to try to halt the plan, Nashua-based attorney Morgan Hollis requested a rehearing of the case.

In the decision last month, the board found the Planning Board had made a mistake by giving conditional approval to Dumpster Depot in August and said the business was not a permitted use in that area of town.

Board members said last week there was no new information that would change that decision.

“I don’t see anything from Mr. Hollis that would change our minds,” Zoning Board Chairman Alan Virr said.

O’Connor, also a direct abutter, said the proposed business would slash property values in that area off Ashleigh Drive and be a detriment to nearby neighborhoods.

“There is strong opposition to this facility,” O’Connor said. “There is no substantial gain, only loss to the community. We want to be known as ‘Spacetown’ not ‘Trash Town.’”

Residents worked long and hard to block Dumpster Depot from locating in that part of town.

Many months of petitions and talks with town officials ended with success for those opposing the plan.

Greenwich Road resident Brenda Wilson was one of the most outspoken about the Dumpster Depot plan. After last week’s zoning decision, she said it’s been a long process.

“We’ve lived and breathed this,” she said.

Board members agreed the decision last month should stand.

“I see no significant information that would make me change my mind,” Lynn Perkins said.

Virr said the board did its job.

“I don’t think we made an error in judgment,” he said.

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