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December 31, 2008

Psychics offer predictions for 2009

DERRY — Two psychics said things will begin to look up this year, but not until around September.

"The housing market will remain critical until September 2009, when we will see a slight increase," predicts Donna Marie Watts, owner of Gardenias Book Store & Learning Center on Birch Street. "Overall, financially, the housing market will remain in its current decline for three more years."

Watts said the stock market will see two young companies emerge in February that will serve to bring strength to the stability of the market.

"Yet again, September seems to be when slow growth begins to come our way," she said.

April Sheerin, owner of New Awakenings on West Broadway predicts about the same.

"The economy will not get better for another six months," she said. "By September or October, things will become pretty much stable."

Watts said that the early part of 2009 will see an internal rebellion in the Middle East.

"The United States will play a role in disarming the rebellion, but this will also serve as an awakening and a stronger desire toward self-preservation due to our many difficult trials in the process," Watts said.

Sheerin said that to get out of Iraq, China is going to offer to help.

"At the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, there is a lot of stuff about negotiations and I see a treaty put together, but that treaty isn't going to hold water," Sheerin said. "When I saw this, the word 'false' came right up behind it. It has no substance to it."

Sheerin said China is absolutely going to be a superpower.

"That bothers me, because China doesn't have a conscience," she said. "There's a passage in the Bible that says beware of the sleeping giant and that's China. China's going to save us when we pull out of Iraq, because China owns most of our debt."

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