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July 18, 2008

Residents, business owners debate street name

DERRY — Residents and business owners on Manning Street are invited to the Town Council meeting in September to debate changing the street's name.

One end of Manning Street runs north off Broadway and is home to several businesses, as well as the town's Municipal Center and Derry District Court. But that section stops at the Municipal Center corner and does not connect to the other end of Manning Street, which runs south from Rollins Street.

Seven houses are located in that section.

The connection confusion frequently problems for people traveling into Derry from out of town, according to Town Administrator Gary Stenhouse. "This is an unusual situation because we're talking about streets 50 feet apart," Stenhouse said.

While the town has plans to pave Manning Street all the way to Rollins Street, the two streets still will not be connected.

Councilor Brian Chirichiello, representing the downtown district, said he would rather see the name change affect businesses than residents. But other councilors argued that it would be costly to make the businesses and the Municipal Center change their street name because they already have stationery printed with the address.

Manny Soares, of 5 Manning St., believes it's his section that will probably be changed. But he said he can live with the inconvenience. "Some of these neighbors have lived here for 45 years," Soares said.

Soares said he chose to live on Manning Street partly because it was a dead-end street with a lot of longtime residents.

He's also not happy about the town extending Manning Street behind his house, but he said he's hopeful the town will install a buffer of either trees or a fence to shield his home from the extra noise the road will create.

Councilor Brent Carney suggested that if the residential end of the street's name changes, homeowners should be able to suggest the new name.

The debate has been tabled until residents and business owners can voice their concerns in a public meeting. Councilors also requested the fire department attend the meeting and make a recommendation on the name change.

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