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February 27, 2014

Cosmetology students are a stylish group

Pinkerton cosmetology students operate school salon

DERRY — These Astros have style.

For Pinkerton Academy senior Gabby Guinto, it’s a real-life situation as she learns the fine point of styling hair and doing skin care as part of Pinkerton’s inaugural year cosmetology program.

Students have opened the doors to their salon classroom to offer open hours for services to the public and the Pinkerton community.

The Astro Style salon is open Fridays during specific school day periods for the public and staff to stop by for a variety of services. That includes hair styling, waxing, manicures, skin care, shampoos and scalp treatments.

Gabby sat at the front desk last Friday, signing in customers and doing what any professional stylist would do.

The program gives students a look into a real life salon business.

“Teachers and students come in, and our friends and family come, too,” Gabby said.

She said her mother stopped by one Friday to get her nails done.

But Gabby has been working on her family already as she learns to be a stylist.

“I do my sister’s hair all the time,” she said.

It’s good practice, students say, to be able to offer what they are learning to others for a reasonable price. All money made goes back into supporting the cosmetology program at Pinkerton.

“We’re definitely up and running,” instructor Keryl Rabidoux said

Rabidoux said teachers will stop by, sign in at the front desk and allow students to work their magic.

“We have some teachers coming in today,” she said as she looked at the appointment sheet.

The students have only been offering services since last fall and only on Fridays.

They already had some real life practice. Last fall, several of Pinkerton’s male teachers took the plunge and had cosmetology students shave off their facial hair for charity.

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