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October 18, 2012

CATS media camp students learn TV ropes

DERRY — After a successful media camp this summer, students are continuing to learn the ropes about creating a television program and working behind the cameras.

The Community Alliance for Teen Safety hosted its summer media camp and asked participants to further their media education by working side by side with Derry Community Television staff.

A series of classes was held organized by television producer Sean Zajac, culminating in a joint project allowing students to create their own content about CATS' mission in the community.

The student project took them to Derryfest last month where the five — all middle- and high-school students — learned about television reporting.

Students set up their own interviews with Derryfest vendors and were responsible for the entire process, including setting up the shots, creating interview content, asking business people about their products and what they thought about the community in general.

Zajac guided the students along the process. The interviews will be broadcast on Derry television in the weeks ahead.

More workshops with the youth are planned.

CATS director Sue Centner said the students' work was well done and she looks forward to working with them and Zajac on future youth-oriented projects.

"We are pleased to see the energy and creativity of the participants and are very excited about the upcoming workshops as an opportunity to highlight the youth skills and to produce media messages that may benefit their peers and the community," Centner said.

CATS hopes the interviews will generate awareness for the annual media camp and also will prepare students for future work within the organization.

Derry community television will continue to work with CATS to produce public service announcements.

Students participating in the Derryfest project were Devin Sullivan, Zach Garvin, Paul Boyd and James and Ben Carlson.

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