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October 12, 2011

First- and second-degree murder are quite different


Yikes stripes! No. Having any sort of contact with a judge outside of the courtroom while in session is called an "ex parte" communication and is, without question, off limits. Even if the contact is through a third party, this is a clear "no-no."

I'm only guessing here — and I may be wrong — but in the emotion of the moment, it's quite possible that this is a rumor cooked up intentionally to unnerve you.

Also, I can't see the good folks in the sheriff's department or probation, or anywhere else in the system for that matter, taking part in such an idea.

I would discuss it with your attorney. If you don't have one you might coolly and calmly discuss it with the court clerk in the courtroom, who would bring it up with the court.

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Crime / Court

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