SUZANNE LAURENT/Derry News Dan Gibbons, 10, arranges the pottery he made to sell at the Derry Farmers Market. Dan is the son of Mike Gibbons who owns Nutfield Pottery in Derry.

DERRY — Dan Gibbons moved the pieces in his pottery display around on a small table, placing his favorite blue bowl on one side, another bowl with a lid to the left.

The 10-year-old potter set up shop next to his father, Michael Gibbons, at the Derry Farmers Market. His dad owns Nutfield Pottery in East Derry.

Dan welcomed the chance to sell some of his own pottery.

"I've been doing this for a few years," Dan said.

Customers admired his tiny bowls and unique clay receptacles in a variety of glazes.

Dan said his father often demonstrates throwing pots on a wheel at the market, but the heat was too intense last week. The two sat and greeted market visitors, shared their love of pottery and hoped to sell some wares.

For Dan, it's great to play in clay.

"I do it just for fun," he added.

The fourth-grader said it only takes him a few minutes to craft a bowl on the potter's wheel.

"He also knows how to load a kiln," his father said.

When he's not making pottery, Dan is a student at Derry Village School and loves to play soccer.

"And I like to ski," he said.

For his father, it's a chance to share his love of clay and art with his son.

For Dan, it's a chance to sell make some money. He he made a strong showing last week, selling several small bowls to one appreciative customer at bargain prices.

Nutfield Pottery is at the market every Wednesday.

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