, Derry, New Hampshire

April 3, 2014

Londonderry students host a 'great' event

South Elementary students portray well-known figures

Derry News

---- — LONDONDERRY — First man on the moon Neil Armstrong made an appearance, so did Joan of Arc and other notable personalities throughout history.

South Elementary School students presented “Images of Greatness” March 27. Students chose and assumed the roles of various famous people throughout history.

Students chose famous athletes, historical figures, cultural icons or business people.

Students dressed up as their chosen personality and offered presentations on the life and times of their “image.” Some also offered edible snacks and other items as part of their displays.

Katie Doherty dressed as Russian gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Olga Korbut, complete with Olympic rings and gymnast attire. David Jarvia dressed Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Robin Batchelor wore a Joan of Arc cross and uniform.

Jack Marshall chose Apple founder Steve Jobs as his greatness image. He came to the presentation wearing the iconic Jobs’ eyeglasses and black turtleneck. Jack offered visitors caramel apples as a special treat during his presentation.

Each student was introduced individually to show off their outfit prior to giving more information about their historical personality.