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September 11, 2013

603 Reasons


495. School vacations a week off from those in Massachusetts.

496. Tugboats in Portsmouth.

497. Pumpkin coffee, ice cream and doughnuts.

498. Newick’s Lobster House.

499. Pease.

500. Statewide library summer reading program.

501. Relative courtesy of drivers.

502. The reward of spring after another long winter.

503. Diversity of churches and tolerance for all.

504. Local art shows and the work displayed there.

505. Though tiresome, political campaigns, from selectman to president, you know your vote counts.

506. The state’s response to the Boston Marathon bombings, sending police and first responders and raising lots of money for the victims. I was proud to be from New Hampshire.

507. Derry Free Meals Network, shows we take care of our own.

508. Church suppers, where you can eat out with your family without going broke and support a local organization.

509. Fudge from the Chocolate Moose in Salem.

510. Apple orchards - all year round.

511. Wellington State Park has the best boat ramp and it’s free.

512. Apple cider doughnuts at Applecrest Farms in Hampton Falls.

513. NH PTA Reflections program, a chance for every child to shine.

514. Backpack, school supply drives.

515. The many opportunities for youth sports.

516. King Kone in Merrimack.

517. The relationship between Etz Hayim and Church of the Transfiguration.

518. Eating a Moe’s sub on Four Tree Island in Portsmouth.

519. Stores and restaurants where everyone knows your name.

520. Prescott Park Arts Festival concerts.

521. Weather obsession and the important role it plays in our lives.

522. Best turkey balboa sandwich at Biedermans Deli in Plymouth.

523. Sunrise from North Beach.

524. Project Osprey.

525. Plant swaps and sales.

526. The passion residents have for high school sports.

527. NH Council on the Arts - and everything they do.

528. Wingold Grange Dictionary Project.

529. The Big Read.

530. Parking lot carnivals, provide fun for kids who don’t go to theme parks.

531. State forest nursery and seedling offers.

532. GraniteCor Industries store in Concord. Good to see inmates are productive.

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