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September 11, 2013

603 Reasons


441. Pinkerton’s Make A Difference Club.

442. State’s Scenic Byway and Scenic Roads program.

443. “Lost in Laconia” about closing the state school.

444. Community gardens.

445. Artists in residence at local schools and their projects.

446. Eleanor Porter.

447. David Souter, U.S. Supreme Court justice.

448. Grace Metalius, who wrote “Peyton Place.”

449. Scottie Lago.

450. Bode Miller

451. “Granny D” Haddock.

452. That the state owns all liquor stores.

453. Bob Montana of Archie fame went to school in Manchester.

454. League of NH Craftsmen.

455. Signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth.

456. Leonard Wood of Winchester was original commander of the Rough Riders.

457. Fire towers.

458. Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam.

459. That police and firefighters save ducklings every spring.

460. Textile history.

461. Marine Memorial statue in Hampton.

462. You can watch a bald eagle fishing.

463. Volunteers.

464. Residents’ generosity in many ways.

465. Fast Day.

466. Foraging for mushrooms.

467. Red-spotted newt.

468. Barbershops where you can get all the local gossip.

469. Park-and-ride lots and expanding commuter bus lines.

470. The number of horses.

471. Poet Laureate Donald Hall.

472. The fact there’s a state tartan.

473. State welcome signs on the highway, “Bienvenue.”

474. Quilters and the history of quilting here.

475. N.H. Public Radio.

476. Benning Wentworth.

477. Seeing farmers cutting and baling hay.

478. Salvation Army Red Kettle program.

479. Nine state songs.

480. Opportunities for photography.

481. Highest wind speed ever recorded at ground level was at Mount Washington in 1934.

482. Of the 13 original colonies, N.H. was the first to declare its independence from England.

483. The number of free events.

484. Two seasons: black fly and no black fly.

485. Waterfall rappelling at Ripley Falls.

486. Seeing blue heron flying low along the shoreline.

487. The number of white birch trees.

488. Food shelf collection boxes in grocery stores.

489. NUThin’ But Good Times.

490. Online high school, Virtual Learning Academy.

491. Bob Young, the waver of Route 102.

492. Nini Bambini.

493. Family Promise of Greater Rockingham County.

494. Proximity to Maine.

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