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August 15, 2013

Derry author pens book on ghosts and murder

DERRY — A local writer has written a book about some haunting murders in historic Gettysburg.

William Alexander’s book, “Ghosts Don’t Die,” is now available in paperback. It’s a murder-mystery set near one of the nation’s most famous Civil War battlefields.

The fictional story follows FBI agent Proctor Ridgeway on a mission to help solve murders happening in Gettysburg’s popular ghost tour industry.

Alexander’s own experiences in Gettysburg helped inspire the writer.

“I had been brought to Gettysburg years ago to work in the tour industry after I had spent time writing walking and bus tours for Philadelphia, receiving acclaim for my work there,” he said.

Once he got to Gettysburg, Alexander immersed himself in the history behind the famous battle in 1863 and what goes on in the ghost tour industry now 150 years later.

“I found there was a lot of anger and jealousy involved in the competing for ticket sales every night and realized some people would stop at nothing to ensure they were number one on any given night,” he said.

That’s when his idea for a murder story was born.

“Though writers write from what they know, I say early on in the book that every person is fictional and any resemblance to anyone living, dead or paranormal is completely coincidental,” he said. “You can find each and every character in most any place that offers ghost tours, however, I do use real landmarks like the National Cemetery, Lincoln Diner and Jennie Wade House just to name a few.”

Alexander has written many books, including thrillers and other ghost stories.

He wrote his first book at 19. He plans for both a prequel and sequel to “Ghosts Don’t Die.”

“Both will be thrillers other than murder mysteries,” he said.

For information about “Ghosts Don’t Die” and Alexander, email

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