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April 10, 2014

Plein air artwork on exhibait at Coffeeberries

LONDONDERRY — About 12 members of the NHPleinAir Artists are exhibiting and selling their work this month at Coffeeberries, 4 Orchard View Drive.

The group’s 300 or so member artists come from all over New Hampshire and neighboring areas of Massachusetts and Maine. They paint outdoors, some of them year round, all over the region.

The paintings displayed depict a variety of typical New England scenes and subjects that were created on location by each artist. En plein aire is a French term which literally translates as “in open air” and the term applies only to paintings created outdoors and from life, rather than in studio from a photograph.

Plein air artists must work quickly and confidently to make decisions about how best to represent the scene before them while facing the challenges of changing light , shadows, and weather, and being alert to animals and other factors in the environment, and often interacting with the public.

As a result, plein air studies are generally smaller than studio works and may have an urgent or raw feel to them and may be used by their creators as the reference for larger and more detailed studio paintings. The paintings exhibited at Coffeeberries are all pieces that were created as or derived from plein air studies.

NHPleinAir Artists members represented in this exhibit are: Sharon E. Allen of Derry, the group’s founder; Londonderry artists Elaine Farmer, Susan Hanna, Meredith Landry and Lili Mayer; Deb Bacon of Sunapee), Belle Choate of Acton, Mass., Linda Dessaint of Antrim, Alicia Drakiotes of Marlborough, Sandra Garrigan of Sandown, Jim O’Donnell of Hooksett and Maria Williams of Manchester.

To learn more about the group, visit or

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