, Derry, New Hampshire

June 12, 2013


Derry News

---- — DERRY

Unit R, Old English Estates, condominium, $85,000, Jan. 28, Federal National Mortgage Association to Andrew and Donnalee Panos.

23R Juniper Road, land/building, $112,000, May 17, Valerie Klasner Living Trust to Yulia Tolokonnikova et al.

3 Grant St., land/building, $233,000, May 20, Jonathan and Ronda Lee Read to Michael and Nancy Dinapoli Sr.

Unit 22, Garden Meadows, condominium, $45,000, May 20, Tamara Comack to Salomon Fujin Long.

14 Jenney Dickey Hill Road, land/building, $121,533, May 20, Michael and Susan Bouchard to Ryan Thomas et al.

2 Howards Grove, land/building, $518,000, May 20, 2 Howards Grove Road Realty Trust to HJ Brooks Family Irrevocable Trust.

74 Tsienneto Road, land/building, $230,000, May 22, Bruce and Dianne Kordelski to Lisa and Ronald Marcotte.

21 Claire Ave., land/building, $142,000, May 22, Secretary Housing and Urban Development to Selmir Hotilovac.

Unit 3, Brandywyne Common, condominium, $65,000, May 22, John McGill to Rimoun Girgis.

Unit 59, Bliss Farm, condominium, $207,000, May 22, Jason and William Wescoe to Joshua Casey et al.


Unit 39, Vista Ridge, condominium, $135,000, May 17, Charlene Takesian et al to Nancy Covey Revocable Trust.

5 Coleman Place, land/building, $300,933, May 17, William and Kristyn Dibuono to Jeffrey and Tracy Chabot.

3 McKinley Ave., land/building, $258,000, May 20, May 20, Christopher and Denise Albrecht to Jonathan and Johanna Gould.

Unit 163, Mountain Home Estates, condominium, $143,000, May 20, Kristin Prokop et al to Joel and Phyllis Franz.

4 Edward Circle, land/building, $384,000, May 21, Debra Forzese to Shane and Heather Dillon.

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