, Derry, New Hampshire

August 9, 2012

Tow company ready to build in Londonderry

By James Niedzinski

---- — LONDONDERRY — Bauchman Towing is pulling out of its location at 120 Haverhill Road in Windham and heading to Londonderry.

After more than a decade of legal battles with the town of Windham and some of its residents, Brian Bauchman is ready to move to Londonderry.

When Bauchman wanted to expand his business to include automotive repair, a group of Windham residents spent thousands of dollars in court and many years fighting him.

“Like everybody else, they don’t want it in their back yard,” Bauchman said.

Laura Scott, Windham’s community development director, acknowledged it had been a long haul.

“These cases went back a long way. There were many issues, zoning board appeal lawsuits, and the abutters took the town to court over it,” Scott said. “This was not a clean and easy court case.”

Bauchman hopes things go more smoothly at 5 Industrial Drive, property he purchased about two and a half years ago. Londonderry residents have been silent about the proposal, according to town planner Cynthia May.

He said he plans to break ground at the 6-acre site within the month.

There will be a 9,750-square-foot building and enough room to house six tow trucks, an impound lot, automotive repair and 53 parking spaces.

Bauchman also will continue to operate — on a much smaller scale —at the current site.

“There have been engineering hiccups, typical stuff,” Bauchman said of the new site. “It’s very hard to build in Londonderry. Everything is straight and narrow; the town does not cut any corners.”

But, he added, Londonderry officials have been helpful, guiding him through the process of getting his business started in Londonderry.