, Derry, New Hampshire

June 12, 2014

Workout Club closes in Derry


---- — DERRY — The Workout Club is closing its doors after sprinklers burst twice, causing significant damage.

The health club at 35 Manchester Road, Derry Meadows Shoppes, first closed in April after the building’s sprinkler system gave way and damaged the interior, owner and president Ron Tringale said.

“The resulting flood of water and glycol damaged the entire front lobby, tanning rooms and adjacent areas, as well as the fixtures and equipment located in these areas,” Tringale said in an emailed statement Friday.

Glycol is a chemical that can be found in sprinkler systems, according to the National Fire Prevention Association.

The club was in the process of making repairs when disaster struck again on May 11 when another valve burst, Tringale said in a letter to members in May.

The second burst spread more glycol throughout the front of the facility, including the front entryway, sidewalk and parking lot, Tringale said.

It damaged drywall and ceiling repairs that had just been made, he said.

“This casualty and the resulting closure of the club have seriously impacted our ability to have Derry Meadows continue as a long-term home for the Derry Workout Club,” Tringale said. “Therefore, after much consideration, the Workout Club of Derry has decided effective immediately to close its business operations at Derry Meadows Shoppes.”

Tringale expressed frustration with the property owner, who he said put responsibility for the damage on the club.

“Even though the loss occurred at no fault of the Workout Club, we were left entirely responsible for the repair and restoration of the space,” he said.

Officials with Winslow Property Management, property managers for Derry Meadows Shoppes, couldn’t be reached yesterday for comment.

Derry memberships are being honored at the club’s Londonderry location, Tringale said.

The Londonderry facility is at 18 Orchard Drive, next to Cinema 12 and Apple Tree Mall.

“This was not an easy decision, but we are confident it was the right decision for both the Workout Club and our members,” Tringale said. “We are exploring various options to reopen our Derry club at another location and will keep you advised of our intentions.”