, Derry, New Hampshire

August 9, 2012

Proposed plan would result in expansion of subsidiary company

A proposal by Freudenberg Chemical Specialties would result in statewide expansion of subsidiary companies

By James Niedzinski

---- — LONDONDERRY — Kluber Lubrication may be part of a statewide expansion of Freudenberg Chemical Specialties, a German-based chemical company.

The proposed plan is part of a growth strategy by Freudenberg North American Limited Partnership to hire up to 100 employees statewide. Freudenberg is looking for technical engineers, as well as skilled tool and dye workers.

The company’s local plant is at 32 Industrial Drive.

”Considering Londonderry is an economic revitalization zone, we would benefit from tax credits from the town,” said Leesa Smith, president of FNLAP.

While this economic climate may prove slippery to some, Smith said that Kluberg considers this an economic recovery period, a great time to stimulate growth and assess what they need as a company.

Although nothing is certain yet, FNALP does hope to know which companies will grow be able to grow and hire additional employees over the next two to three years.

Freudenberg operates three companies, seven industrial facilities and employs 1,300 associates in New Hampshire. It has been in the state for the 40 years. Kluberg currently has 50 employees in Londonderry.

The parent company has worked with the Nstate Department of Resources and Economic Development in planning the expansion. Freudenberg also has facilities in Manchester, Bristol, Ashland, Belmont and Northfield.

”You wouldn’t expect a fine chemicals manufacturing company to locate in New Hampshire, but we have made it here, and we have excellent, competent, loyal staff on which we can build our future if there are parameters in place to support that growth,” said Hanno Wentzler, CEO of Freudenberg Chemical Specialties.

Kluber Lubrication provides seals and vibration control technology components, filters, nonwovens, release agents and lubricants to industrial sectors from automotive and aerospace to pharmaceutical, construction and energy.